Nomination is Closed for the 2024-26 Mendocino County Poet Laureate

Youth_poet_admin/ March 5, 2024/ Announcements, Uncategorized

The Mendocino County Poet Laureate Committee has officially closed the nomination period.  Nominees are now being contacted and asked to submit an application. Please be patient during this process.

Nominees will need to submit applications in March and be interviewed in April. This is an official honorary position in which the Poet Laureate will serve for a term of 2 years.

The Poet Laureate would be expected to appear at some public functions, and hopefully engage with not only the poetry community but the broader literary, arts, political, and educational communities. How the Poet Laureate will do this will be defined by that person’s own creative process.

Some of you may not know that we already have a Youth Poet Laureate in Mendocino County. The Poet Laureate Committee believes that Mendocino County also deserves to have an adult Poet Laureate and that the establishment of this position will help enhance the art of poetry making here and inspire all of our citizens about the value and joy of creative literary expression.

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